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Free Disk Cleaner 2019.10

Clean up your PC from all redundant, unnecessary, and other junk files

One of the various housekeeping tasks that all PC users are supposed to perform more or less regularly is “hard disk clean-up”. Free Disk Cleaner is a costless tool designed to help all users to keep their computers free of junk files easily regardless of their computer skills and knowledge. Just by following a couple of extremely easy instructions, you’ll be able to locate all redundant, 0-byte, and other junk files that tend to pile up on your disks for no reason.

The program’s interface is nothing but a small window with three tabs – Disk Cleaner, Disk Analyzer, and a third one called More Products with information about other Gilisoft software tools. Disk Cleaner is a tool where you should go to get rid of all unnecessary files cluttering your hard drive or other storage devices (note that Free Disk Cleaner will also clean up any USB Flash drive or external HD, for instance). You can simply scan a disk for all kinds of junk files or you can apply filters to your search to include or exclude specific file types or folders. You can also choose to include or exclude from your search all 0-byte and/or hidden files. Once you’ve made your choices, the program will list all the junk files found, allowing you to select those files you want the program to remove (the program selects all files for you by default).

Disk Analyzer is an informative tool that will scan the disks selected and will provide you with useful information about not only the free space left, but also how many files from each type are taking much space (both in size and in percentage). For reasons beyond me, Free Disk Cleaner failed to tell me how many video, audio, or image files I had stored on my USB Flash drive, even though they’re clearly stored in different folders. I had similar results when analyzing my SSD, even though the total count went well beyond 100%... Being a purely informative feature, I tend to consider this lack of accuracy as a minor flaw that doesn’t affect the program’s true (and only) functionality – locating and removing all unneeded files.

Other than that, Free Disk Cleaner works like a charm. My USB drive was clean enough to show a few 0-byte files, but when tested with larger HDDs, the scan results looked pretty convincing. Downloading, installing, and trying a free tool like this won’t do you any harm, and it may improve your system’s performance by getting rid of megabytes (and even gigabytes) of wasted disk space.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Clear cleaning instructions
  • Allows you to exclude folders and include new types
  • Detects and removes 0-byte files
  • Suitable for all types of storage devices


  • The Disk Analyzer failed to categorize the files on my USB Flash drive correctly
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